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Blended Learning

A growing number of educators use video to transfer knowledge to their students.

By collecting and using existing educational video material. You can start to experiment with the possibilities of flipping the classroom.

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Flipping the classroom

In a flipped classroom, students watch a range of pre-selected video lectures at home before class.

They then spend their time during class applying the lecture material through discussion or exercises guided by the teacher.

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You are the crowd

They say it takes a village to raise a child. That’s why we think it will take a network to educate a generation.

With our tools you are able to collaborate with teams all over the world and keep up to date on relevant issues.

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See what our community of teachers, students and organisations have already made for you to use.

Self Development

• TED-inspired New Year’s resolutions
• Headspace
• False Prophets?
• Framing the Sacred
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Social Issues

• Feminism and Rape
• The dirty game of football
• Human Trafficking
• Capital in the Twenty-First Century
• Activism
• Naomi Klein’s Reading List
• What is TTIP?
• Century of the Self
• Self-Censorship
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• Here comes the sun
• Open Source Ecology
• Future Possibilities
• Science Fiction Facts
• Spaceship Earth
• The Human Heart
• Fractal Mind
• The Whole Earth Catalog
• The Way of All Flesh
• Making the Invisible Visible
• European Space Agency
• A perspective on our universe
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Counter Culture

• Aaron Swartz
• Deep Lab
• Anarchism in America
• The Whole Earth Catalog
• New World Summit
• Activism
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• Spaceship Earth
• Zero Carbon Living
• Saving Water
• Planned Durability
• The Whole Earth Catalog
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• Fixing Democracy
• Hidden Messages
• Networks of Revolution
• The Third Industrial Revolution
• Dirty Wars
• The End of Power
• Capital in the Twenty-First Century
• What is TTIP?
• Thoughts on Foreign Policy
• The Trap
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Art & Music

• TodaysArt Network
• Ubiquitous Art and Sound
• Sensory Experience
• One minute sculptures
• Trevor Jackson
• Redefining the night club
• Tools for an Unknown Future
• Musical Moments
• Stimuleringsfonds Advies commissie
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• This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein
• Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill
• The End of Power by Moises Naim
• Capital in the Twenty-First Century
• Aldous Huxley's - Brave New World
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• TodaysArt
• Rewire Festival
• Dutch Electronic Arts Festival
• XOXO festival 2013/2014
• FORM SF 2014
• Google I/O 2014 - Material design
• Mediapark Jaarcongres 2014
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By contributing to a better understanding of our global society and our collective future.We aim to empower others through the sharing of knowledge and collaboration.

This is a journey that we all should take to enlighten each other from this hypercomplex media saturated world. 



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